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Bishop John Arnold (the son of a prominent Freemason) shuts down the Legion of Mary and dismisses Humanae Vitae

but he celebrates the Tridentine Latin Mass, so that makes its all okay

What is a mason - 1Bishop Arnold is a convert and an very clever man.  He is the son of an important free-mason and when he became a Lawyer, Bishop Arnold worked in the Inns of Court.  Then he converted to the Catholic faith and joined the Rosminian Order.   After his ordination they sent him to Rome to study Canon Law.

In Rome Bishop Arnold stayed at the English College where Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor was Rector and they became good buddies.  Bishop Arnold decided to leave the Rosminian Order and become a diocesan priest in Westminster Archdiocese.  When he returned from Rome, Bishop Arnold spent three years working in Archbishop’s House and then became parish priest of Enfield, one of the largest Westminster parishes with a Mass attendance of  2,000 – although he still chaired the Diocesan Priests Committee and held meetings at Archbishop’s House.

During his ten years at Enfield Bishop Arnold closed down the Legion of Mary, dismissed Humanae Vitae saying people must make up their own minds, said publicly that it is no longer necessary to make our Easter duties and removed a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel from the church replacing it with a modern plain white statue.

He had a very traditional curate and gave him such a bad time that he had to get himself moved, but at Cardinal Hume’s funeral when the Cathedral sacristy was crowded with priests vesting for Mass, Bishop Arnold squeezed in beside this young priest and promised he would get back at him.

After Enfield   Bishop Arnold returned to Archbishop’s House where his old buddy Cardinal Cormac ordained him auxiliary bishop in Westminster.  It was during his time at Westminster that the regular Masses for militant homosexuals who use the Mass as a vehicle to flaunt, promote and celebrate their disordered sexuality, were established - although Bishop Bernard Longley, another auxiliary bishop ‘fronted’ this scandal.

Bishop Arnold and the Tridentine Mass: it is widely believed that Bishop Arnold despises the rite of our forefathers, saints and martyrs.  Nevertheless, when the Latin Mass Society wrote to the Cardinal asking permission to bring  a South American Bishop over to say Mass in the Cathedral they received a letter signed by the Cardinal saying there was no need as Bishop Arnold would say it for them.  He learnt it easily and said it faultlessly because he knew that this would make people see him as a good traditional bishop who loves the old Mass.  Many who don’t know him do think this.

However, a little later while on an Episcopal visit in North London, Bishop Arnold showed his real colours.  In the morning he held a Service of General Absolution, absolving everyone in the crowded church before joining the parish priest, curate and representatives from the parish for lunch.  During lunch Bishop Arnold mocked the Tridentine Mass laughingly saying, “I am the darling of the Traddies now I have said their old Mass for them.”

The bottom line is that Bishop Arnold is just another one of the dreary post-Conciliar bog-standard mordernist clones who have helped bring the English church to its knees.  Promoted as all of them are as a result of being a close buddy of another insider, the top jobs being parcelled out among their chums.  The buddy with the strings being Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor on this occasion.  However, he is clearly a lot more dangerous than Cormac, because manifestly considerably brighter.


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