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"Do not despair, there are still good men out there, they are just harder to find."

When I first stumbled on the following picture, it brought a lump of nostalgia to my throat and my eyes became moist.  It illustrates in the most poignant way possible the intense beauty of the Catholic priesthood before the Modernists got their grubby hands on it.   Modernism corrupts and emasculates everything it touches - but do not despair, there are still good men out there, still standing guard, they are just much harder to find.  So when we do find them, we must guard them with our prayers.


Bet You Can't Guess Who Saved the Most Jews in WW2.

If you are a Catholic, you should know who the first was: it was the Catholic Church under Pope Pius XII.  Catholic institutions saved around 185,000 Jews, which is far more than all the rest (governments, quangos and individuals) put together.  However, you will be doing very well to guess the second: it was General Franco's Spain. This information is not generally circulated in the secular asylum. The reason is that the secular left who run the secular asylum hate General Franco. The reason they hate him is very simple: he beat them, and the left are very sore losers. So you won't learn the following at school (academia also being controlled by the secular left).  And if it does leak out, the left will do its best to demonise Franco's motives, coming up with all sorts of implausible explanations.  In reality, one need to look no further for an explanation than the fact that Franco's own ancestors were Marranos (Spanish Jews who converted to Christianity).

Franco, despite his aversion to Zionism and "Judeo"-Freemasonry, clearly did not share the rabid anti-Semitic ideology of the Nazis.  Franco refused to hand over Spanish or foreign Jews to the Nazis and he allowed Jews and others with Portuguese visas to transit Spain.  The consensus of historians is that Spain saved between 20,000 and 35,000 Jews by letting refugees pass through the country.  Plus another 5,000 Jews were saved by Spanish diplomats abroad.

Early in WW2, a contingent of Spanish doctors travelling in Poland were informed of the Nazi extermination plans by Governor-General Hans Frank, who was under the misimpression that they would share his views about the matter; when they came home, they passed the story to Admiral Luís Carrero Blanco, who informed Franco.  Another piece of this jigsaw could have been Admiral Canaris, the head of German Military Intelligence.  Canaris had been appalled by the Nazi's brutality he had witnessed in Poland and he had worked with Franco during the Spanish Civil War, and the two men had become friends. 

In the first years of the war, the Jews were mainly from Western Europe, fleeing deportation to concentration camps from occupied France, but there were also Jews from Eastern Europe.  Throughout World War II, Spanish diplomats of the Franco government extended their protection to Eastern European Jews, especially in Hungary.  Jews claiming Spanish ancestry were provided with Spanish documentation without being required to prove their case and either left for Spain or survived the war with the help of their new legal status in occupied countries.

Diplomats discussed the possibility of Spain as a route to a containment camp for Jewish refugees near Casablanca but it came to naught because of the lack of Free French and British support.  Nonetheless, control of the Spanish border with France was relaxed, and thousands of Jews managed to cross into Spain (many via smugglers' routes).  Almost all of them survived the war.  The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee operated openly in Barcelona.

Shortly afterwards, Spain began giving citizenship to Sephardic Jews in Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania; many Ashkenazic Jews also managed to be included, as did some non-Jews. The Spanish head of mission in Budapest, Ángel Sanz Briz, saved thousands of Ashkenazim in Hungary by granting them Spanish citizenship, placing them in safe houses and teaching them minimal Spanish so they could pretend to be Sephardim (at least to someone who did not speak Spanish).  Toward the war's end, Sanz Briz had to flee Budapest, leaving these Jews open to arrest and deportation.  An Italian diplomat, Giorgio Perlasca, who was himself living under Spanish protection, used forged documents to persuade the Hungarian authorities that he was the new Spanish Ambassador, and continued Spanish protection of Hungarian Jews until the Red Army arrived.

Franco's Benevolence to the Jews Continued Long After the End of WW2

In 1967, after Egypt had been pulverized in the Six Day War by Israel, Egypt turned in vengeance on its Jewish community, throwing at least 425 Jewish men into jail.  Other Arab countries also began terrorizing their remaining Jews.

The 75 year old General Franco sent instructions to his diplomats in Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco to help all Jews, whether Sephardic or otherwise, and to provide Egyptian Jews with documents to leave.  Following these  instructions, the Spanish ambassador in Cairo, Angel Sagaz, helped over 615 families escape over the next two years, even transferring some of their jewellery (which Egypt forbade them to take with them) out of the country in Spanish diplomatic bags.

The Novus Ordo is Defended by Silly Arguments

One of the simplistic arguments advanced by philistines for the new Mass, is that it is simpler, and being in the vernacular and facing the people is easier to understand.  But is this really such a plus?  Just look at the following two images and ask yourself which one you would rather spend your time contemplating.  I wager you didn't choose the 1st picture.  But isn't the 1st picture much simpler and easier to understand?

Exit Sign  the last supper

I must thank Joseph Shaw, the Chairman of the LMS, for this insight

With Islamists Yet Again Slaughtering Christians in Cold Blood (including Women and Children) in the Service of Their Depraved Creed, it's Time to Revisit Our Glorious Catholic Past

Winged HussarsCharge of the Winged Hussars, by Mariusz Kozik

That is our real glorious Catholic past, not the revisionists history written by Protestant and Secular propagandists, lamely lapped up by "Uncle Tom" Catholics. Few realise now just how much of our modern freedoms we owe to past Catholic heroes.

On the 12th of July 1683, the Turks, under the command of Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha, had laid siege to the walls of Vienna with an army of 150,000 men [to get an handle on an army of this size, just reflect that the Allies in WW2 had only landed 100,000 men by nightfall on D Day]. Four days after the start of a Turkish bombardment, John III Sobieski, King of Poland, marshalled his army of nearly 40,000 in Warsaw and began the 435-mile march southwest toward Vienna. A similar force under John George III Elector of Saxony came southeast from Dresden. A third force came straight east from Munich under Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria. They united near Krems, some forty miles upriver from Vienna.

On the 12th September, before dawn, John III Sobieski assisted at Mass in the ruined Church of the Camaldolites, offered by Blessed Marco D’Viano. Then, gathering his forces, the King commended their mission and their souls to the care of the Blessed Virgin, before leading the Holy League into battle.

By late afternoon, Sobieski’s army had reached the plain, and the Christian king, shouting “Jezus Maria ratuj!”, his lance couched in a full-tilt charge, led his Winged Hussars, their feathered plumes streaming off their backs, in what was possibly the largest cavary charges in history, right into the heart of the Ottoman army. The Polish horsemen followed their intrepid king deeper and deeper into the belly of the Islamists, and in spite of being outnumbered three or four to one, smashed what remained of the resistance, set the followers of the false prophet to flight, relieved the siege, and carried the day. “We came, we saw, God conquered.” Sobieski wrote to Pope Innocent XI. An Ottoman soldier who survived, described the sight of the onslaught of thousands of Polish Christian knights on black horses as, “a flood of black pitch flowing down the hill, smothering and incinerating everything that lay in its path.”

The King was fifty-four years old at the time. This story was almost certainly the inspiration for J.R.Tokien's Théoden, the King of Rohan, who, in spite of his age, led the Riders of Rohan into the Battle of the Hornburg. An interesting aside: Polish kings were elected by an electoral college, they did not inherit their thrones. 

To read a fuller account of the lifting of the Ottoman siege of Vienna by Catholic knights, CLICK HERE

A Schism is Entirely Possible

Many Catholics are deeply concerned about the bizarre goings on at the Family Synod, the Synod from Hell. I fear that if Pope Humble the 1st, the Merciful, insists on ramming through his neo-pagan sexual agenda and the gender ideology of the world, behind syrupy, effeminate gobbledygook about mercy and his bizarre god of surprises, a de facto schism is inevitable.

Genuine Catholics must strive to remain in the peace that come from Christ. Our duty is very simple: the commandment, "You shall not commit adultery," is of God, not man. Therefore, no pope, no cardinal, no council and no synod has the power or authority to abrogate it or to water it down. If they try to do so, our duty, laid upon us by our baptism and our confirmation, is to resist and disobey. We must obey God rather than man.

If Pharisees like Cardinal Kasper carry the day and succeed in twisting God's law to the wishes of man, there will inevitably be mass resistance from millions of genuine Catholics, tens of thousands of priests and a significant number of bishops and cardinals. Whether this will result in a formal schism or merely a de facto schism, one cannot tell, but it makes little difference. It is a no-brainer as far as genuine Catholics are concerned that concubinage and sodomy can never be acceptable to the true Church of Christ. 

We can take heart from the fact that we have been here before. During the Arian crisis, some estimates suggest that only three percent of the bishops in some areas kept the Faith. Even the Pope at the time, under pressure from the Arian faction, sat on the fence, signed Arian accommodating documents and sent Catholics, like St Athanasius, into exile. Genuine Catholics at the time simply aligned themselves with those bishops who had kept the faith handed down to them. Battle lines are already being drawn. Genuine Catholics already know who some of the true shepherds are, God will no doubt send us more. We also know who the imposters are, the Modernists, the modern day Arians, those who have lost the Faith, yet nevertheless have usurped most of our sees, at least in the west; the Africans, thank God, appear to be standing firm. 

It would be Christian prudence to make contingency plans, where you will worship and what steps need to be put in place to protect your own Catholic faith, and that of your family and children, while we ride out this storm. Above all, do not lose heart, this storm will pass, just as did the Arian crisis, and the Church will be the stronger for it. Has not Our Lady promised us that her heart will eventually conquer?

"The Protestant doctrine of salvation by faith alone turns God into a snake-oil salesman, and that is definitely blasphemous."

By: Don McGovern

Modernist elements in Rome are hard at work faking history in order to portray Luther (a foul mouthed, neurotic, impure, disobedient monk) as some sort of paragon of a Christian reformer. Nearer home, the arch-druid of Modernist, ex-Bishop Kieran Conry (a man aptly described by the editor of Christian Order as a man forever poised between a cliché and an indiscretion), whose library is seemingly limited to that anthology of Modernist errors, the Pill (aka the Tablet), is reported to have said something along the lines, " ... Luther got it right, it has just taken the Church 400 years to catch up." This is a good time to revisit one of Luther's blasphemous errors, namely: salvation by faith alone. To do this, one cannot do better then quote extensively from a recent article in The Dowry. NB all emphasis are mine.

"... stripped of divine grace through original sin, men were not left forever morally vulnerable and despicable. On the contrary, they received from God through His Church the means to reach even higher sanctity and honour, gradually "putting on Christ" (Galatians 3:27), that is imitating ever more faithfully the virtues displayed in Jesus Christ, the new Adam and their perfect model. This process called sanctification extends to the entire life of every Christian. In every case however, it aims at configuring the human creature to Christ.

"While following in Holy Scripture the theme of man's being clothed with divine grace, we should make sure that we correctly understand it as a genuine sanctification of the sinner, and not as an arbitrary and external imputation of justice which would allow the sin to remain within. On the contrary, grace genuinely deletes sin. For instance, when referring divine grace to sin, the Holy Bible uses words such as 'exhausting', 'blotting out' and 'taking away'. These terms are incompatible with any actual sin remaining within the person of the sinner. God does not merely choose to ignore our sins, as this would be a fiction unworthy of God's truthfulness. It would also present goodness as a convention modified at will, whereas good coincides with being itself, as St Thomas Aquinas teaches: "Good and being are interchangeable" (Disputed Questions on Truth, 21, art. 1, 11). God, who is good, actually treats our sins as a physician does wounds, so they truly cease to be (philosophically, as a mere privation of a moral good, sin is not endowed with existence). God's grace reaches in the wounds of our souls - our sins - filling them with God's very sanctity and healing us, restoring harmony with Him and within us. Since grace is a participation in the very life of God, and since God is sanctity itself. He could not 'cloth with grace' anyone without sanctifying the very core of that person.

"Earthly garments can deceive when put on by men, for instance if an immoral man wears an elegant suit. But when granted by God to a soul - as poetically expressed in the metaphor of clothing - celestial grace truly expresses inner sanctity. Thus the Council of Trent states about catechumens: "Wherefore, when receiving true and Christian justice, they are commanded, immediately on being born again, to preserve it pure and spotless, as the first robe given them through Christ Jesus in place of that which Adam by his disobedience lost for himself and for us, so that they may bear it before the tribunal of our Lord Jesus Christ and may have life eternal.' (Council of Trent, Session Vl, chapter Vll)

So why then is the Protestant doctrine of salvation by faith alone blasphemous? This is best illustrated by a parable. Imagine an attractive young woman has a large ulcerating wound on her face, she goes to a Catholic surgeon who cleans and sterilises the wound, applies a healing balm, stitches and dresses the wound. She returns regularly to the same surgeon over several months until finally the wound is fully healed, leaving scarcely a trace of a scar. A second young woman with a similar wound goes to a Protestant surgeon, who tells her that there is nothing that can be done for her, she is stuck with the ulcerating wound for life and all he can do is put a pretty dressing over the wound so that she will appear less disfigured. The first doctor is a true healer, the second doctor is a sham, a fake, a quack, a snake-oil salesman. The Protestant doctrine of salvation by faith alone similarly turns God into a sham, a fake, a quack, a snake-oil salesman, and that is definitely blasphemous. 

Aside, this is one reason why genuine Catholics should lament the fact that the NeoCats, a Lutheran sect infesting the Church with papal blessing, have recently been invited into the Shrewsbury diocese by Bishop Mark Davis. This is particularly tragic because Mark Davis is a good shepherd whom one would have reasonably hoped would have shown more prudence before exposing the sheep to such false prophets.

LGBT movement organizing to mandate “gay history” in schools across America.

In 2011, California passed Senate Bill 48, the Orwellian-labeled “FAIR Education Act.” It requires that the “historical contributions” of “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans” be included in courses, instructional material, and textbooks in California Public Schools. Bizarrely, the law includes prohibition of any “materials that reflect adversely on LGBT persons or the movement. So the law actually mandates not teaching the truth. the LGBT are the only group for whom it is illegal to say anything unflattering even if what you say is true! You can teach unflattering facts about Jews, Catholics, Blacks, politicians and fish-wives, but not members of the LGBT community! - and they call this education. So I don't suppose they will be teaching the following genuine facts about gay history:

Hitler deliberately and knowingly surrounded himself with practicing homosexuals from his youth, to an extent that would certainly seem decidedly odd to most. Röhm and Hess, two of his closest friends, where both notorious in-your-face homosexuals [in the early days, Hitler was Röhm's protégé]. Hitler also filled numerous key positions with homosexuals: the Hitler Youth leader, Baldur von Schirach is believed to have been bisexual; Hitler's private attorney, Reich Legal Director, Minister of Justice, butcher Governor-General of Poland, and public gay-hater Hans Frank are all believed to be homosexuals; Hitler's adjutant Wilhelm Bruckner was believed to be bisexual; Walter Funk, Reich Minister of Economics [and Hitler's personal financial advisor] was a "notorious" homosexual and alcoholic”; Hitler's second in command Hermann Goering liked to dress up in drag and wear campy make-up; Hitler's chauffeur and one-time personal secretary, Emile Maurice, was homosexual; Julius Streicher, the founder and publisher of the Nazi newspaper, which became a central element of the Nazi propaganda machine, had been dismissed from teaching following numerous charges of pederasty; SS Chief Heinrich Himmler's pederastic proclivities had been captured on film by Nazi filmmaker Walter Frenz; Reinhard Heydrich, mastermind of the first pogrom, Kristallnacht, and of the death camps, was an homosexual; Hitler's personal bodyguards were nearly all homosexuals, and a party given by Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, notoriously degenerated into a homosexual orgy. Further, according top death camp survivors, some 20% of the sadistic guards were homosexuals.

To read more about this bizzare bill CLICK HERE

"Hold on lads, this is merely the storm before the dawn, the persecution we are suffering, while irksome, is just hair growing on the corpse of Vat2 "

Chris Gueffroy[The following essay cannot help but inspire genuine Catholics with hope for a full restoration of the Church, starting in France.  I believe the true picture is even brighter than that being described by the author.  For his analysis does not take into account the growth of the SSPX, or the return to tradition of orders like the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, or the traditional leanings of young Novus Ordo seminarians and priests. 

The writing is on the wall for the Vat2 generation, not only are they unable to produce priestly vocations, they are losing their laity even faster than the are losing their priests. We must therefore steel ourselves for the fact that our increasingly elderly revolutionaries, like the current Pope for just one example, will become even more vicious and intolerant than they already are (witness, for example, the recent wanton vandalism at Blackfen) - for such has been the course of all revolutions in their dying days.

The picture on the right is of Chris Gueffroy, a twenty year old boy who was shot dead trying to cross the Berlin wall - the same year the wall came down!  I see him as a sort of poster boy for those suffering persecution at the hands of the human element of the Church for retaining or returning to the faith of our forefathers, saints and martyrs. One can only cry, "Hold on lads, this is merely the storm before the dawn.  The persecution we are suffering, while irksome, is just hair growing on the corpse of Vat2 " - ed]


There is no nice way of saying this: the clergy in France is dying. But there is no bad way of saying this: out of degradation and death, sprouts of hope are clear

France Graph

Iam enim hiems transiit, imber abiit, et recessit. 
Flores apparuerunt in terra nostra, tempus putationis advenit."

First, Father Blake's words:

The new spirit of Relativism is as Pope Benedict says 'lethal' for the Church and for faith, just look at this little extract from Eponymous Flower:

In France, there are only 14,000 diocesan priests. About half of them are older than 75. This means that the situation is dramatic. To conduct but one parish is already a big job. In France it has become "normal" that a pastor has to take care of a dozen parishes. A regular celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is impossible. In most parishes it is celebrated only occasionally. In the diocese of Langres, each priest must take care for an average of 50 parishes. In short, it is almost resigned to a spiritual catastrophe. The numbers of priestly ordinations is also discouraging. In 2009, only 89 diocesan priests were ordained in France. Far too little to compensate for the decrease due to death. These numbers seem like reports coming from the front with the losses to an army. You could cry.

Fortunately, there is good and encouraging news coming from the seminaries of tradition. The traditional communities and dioceses have offspring. More, their seminars are full. It is therefore to be hoped that more old rite seminaries will be opened. There is no danger that they remain empty, since there is a strong interest in tradition by young believers.

France embraced the whole relativistic 'Spirit of ...' agenda as much as anywhere, except maybe Germany. The French Church however didn't have the money to turn the community of faith into an efficient business where bishops have become highly paid Chief Executives. There are some bright spots in France like the rather traditional diocese of Frejus-Toulon which has as many vocations as every other French diocese outside Paris put together. The other hope for France is its monasteries, these too are often great bastions of orthodoxy, those which aren't have died out. The highly non-Relativist 'La manif pour tous' movement has shaken the French establishment and given new hope, it is itself heavily influenced by traditional Christianity.

What is happening in France will happen elsewhere, perhaps not quite so quickly or with such a violence but in ten years time if we follow the Relativist line, Europe and the Americas will follow. New York, for example, this week announced the closure/merger of over 100 parishes. This is going to happen all over the place, simply because Relativism is lethal, it is unattractive and hopeless, it is attractive to people of a certain generation but repels the young.

To read full article CLICK HERE

Cool kids don’t actually believe any of this bullshit

I recently attended a Traditional Requiem Mass in Westminster Cathedral, an annual event organised by the LMS for their deceased members. The sermon was delivered by Bp John Arnold, yet another of the faithless scumbags who, having rejected the Catholic faith, continue to live parasitically of the widow's mite, whose faith they despise and betray at every opportunity. John Arnold preached a sermon on the theme of All Soul's Day, which he managed to get through without once mentioning "souls", "purgatory" or "prayer", let alone "prayers for the dead". Quite an achievement really! The main point of All Souls Day was apparently to thank God for our deceased family members and friends who had been "saints to us" by loving us and saying kind things to us. I remember thinking he clearly had not been acquainted with too many of my relatives.

This sermon could be recorded and used at a retreat for Modernists bishops to illustrate a lecture entitled "How to get away with being a faithless scumbag while keeping the money coming in by conning the faithful into believing that you are actually a Catholic."

This had me reflecting as to why these faithless scumbags hate the faithful remnant with such intensity. The penny dropped recently when reading an essay by Ann Barnhardt, a young Catholic women well worth following.  Just reflect, if you can, on an occasion when you have been seriously publicly embarrassed by someone. And then reflect how angry you felt, even possibly entertaining thoughts of hatred and revenge, for there is nothing like public humiliation to bring out the worst in us.  Men like Arnold and ex-bishop Conry are worldly, and consequently they are humiliated and enraged by the supernatural, and by people who talk openly about the supernatural.  They are terrified that association with us will lead to public embarrassment, because the world might mistakenly think that they believe in all this supernatural bullshit themselves.  Could anything be more guaranteed to make these cool kid's cringe with embarrassment than that?  One has only to watch them on television to realise the truth of what I write.  My, how they squirm and expertly duck and dive to avoid publicly stating a personal commitment to any article of the Catholic faith!  Traditionalists makes them particularly angry because we not only believe it all, we love it all.

This explains why these men don't care one whit if people receive the Eucharist in a state of unrepentant mortal sin? Because the entire question pivots on a supernatural fulcrum, namely the Real Substantial Presence of Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Eucharist. If one denies this supernatural truth, then, yeah, why the hell can’t people come up and get their symbolic communion biscuit at Mass?  What’s the problem dude?  You are being mean (unmerciful - and didn't that Jesus fellow come to bring mercy), and if you’re mean and don’t give people their symbolic biscuit, then they won’t like you, and won’t come to your church, and won’t give you money, and the secular press and the Tablet and Elton John won't tell everyone how dreamy and awesome you are.

Whilst most Modernists are cerebrally challenged (witness the clueless ramblings of Bergoglio, whose extemporaneous speech is always a confused, wandering, rambling, irrational smog), unfortunately, Arnold is bright, which only makes his unbelief even more dangerous. This explains why he can celebrate the traditional rite faultlessly whilst denying almost every article of faith that it beautifully encapsulates. This, nevertheless, tells us all we need to know about his personal integrity.  Spare a prayer for the poor Catholics of Salford who have recently had this faithless Modernist inflicted upon them.

The bottom line is that these faithless scumbags believe our faith is all bullshit that must be rejected out of hand by cool kids like them if they are to retain any street cred.  We acutely embarrass them when we prat on about the Real Presence and suchlike - and that's why they hate us and persecute us.  It is also why the moment they are off the altar and out the sacristy, they are in civvies, they don't want to appear in public in clericals, God forbid people might actually think they believe all this bullshit!

Some readers may object to the word "bullshit", but it is the only word that comes close to expressing the contempt that these clerics hold for the faith of genuine Catholics. This contempt also explains why they ban the teaching of the Catholic faith in their schools - they don't just not believe the bullshit, they hate it, it makes them cringe.

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