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APRIL 2014

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Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice

PEEP's core mission is to campaign for children in Catholic schools to be properly taught our glorious faith.   Unfortunately, with many Catholic schools now staffed by non-Catholics, lapsed-Catholics and even anti-Catholics, not to mention key boards like the Catholic Education Council and CCRS similarly staffed, and our bishops' chanceries infested with radical feminists and other assorted professional dissenters living parasitically off the Body of Christ with the blessing of the bishop, this has proved an impossible task.

Only four out of every hundred children leaving Catholic schools practice their faith into adulthood.   It is obviously a very grave scandal that Catholic children attending non-Catholic schools have a far better chance of practicing their faith after leaving school than children attending Catholic schools!  We now have two or three generations utterly inadequately instructed in our glorious faith.

This is an unmitigated disaster!
We cannot sit back and wait for “somebody to do something”.

Consequently we have set ourselves the task of producing a catechesis course for six to thirteen year olds that can be emailed to children, parents or grandparents weekly.   This is a major commitment as it involves writing several hundred modules.   Fortunately, we do not have to reinvent the wheel as there are a number of excellent  schemas published abroad that can form the basis for such a project (it appears to be only English children who are forbidden to be taught their faith).

We urgently need volunteers to help with this project.   Crucially, volunteers must be orthodox Catholics who love the faith and accept the teachings of the Church on all the hot button issues of the day.  Besides this, all that is really necessary is a good standard of literacy  and reasonable computer skills with things like Microsoft Word.  If you happen to be a teacher, or have teaching experience, especially at primary school level - or are a successful home-schooler, that's a bonus, but it is certainly not essential.

If you are tired of complaining, tired of feeling useless, if you are ready to join the fight, ring Patrick Lawler on 01784 558686 or Email him at:

“St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle”

Pope Francis and the Final Apostasy?

By: Michael Matt (Editor of the Remnant) NB Our Title

berg.tiffIn 2007 URI [United Religions Initiative] celebrated its 10th anniversary in the Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  On the far-right is Jorge Mario Bergoglio [now Pope Frances].

Question: What explains the love affair going on between the Vicar of Christ on earth and the modern executioners of his Mystical Body in the media?  The Rolling Stone magazine cover, Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year”, the Advocate’s glowing praise, and now CNN Money (Fortune) is listing the Holy Father as the “Greatest Leader” in the world today—edging out frontrunners Angela Merkel, Warren Buffet and Bill Clinton.


Meanwhile Pope Benedict XVI and even Pope John Paul II are vilified by the same media as intransigent traditionalists, personally responsible for the spread of AIDS and the sexual abuse of children by priests all over the world.  In dramatic fashion, for example, PBS Frontline recently took it upon itself to highlight this contrast between Francis and his “evil predecessors” in the deeply disturbing documentary Secrets of the Vatican (viewer discretion strongly advised). 

To read full article, click HERE

Pope as Führer

Blessed Cardinal Newman famously wrote that to be steeped in history was to cease to be a Protestant.  What he meant by this is that even a cursury reading of the Fathers of the Church, that is those men who learnt their faith from the lips of the Apostles, would leave one in no doubt that these men were Catholics, not Protestants, not even close.

Sedevacantists and neo-Catholics treat the pope like some sort of führer whose judgements cannot and should not be challenged, someone who should be followed blindly.  But even a cursory knowledge of Church history would demonstrate that this attitude was never Catholic.  There have been many popes in the past who passing (whether by death, abdication, deposition or even murder) would have been celebrated by the faithful with street parties and holy revelry.

I will give one example, Benedict IX, a man infamous for holding homosexual orgies in the Lateran palace, but there are at least a dozen popes one could choose to illustrate this point.  According to the Catholic Encyclopedia Benedict IX was only about 20 when made pontiff.  He led an extremely dissolute life.  St. Peter Damian described him as "feasting on immorality"; clearly St. Peter Damian was no neo-Catholic.  The historian Ferdinand Gregorovius wrote that in Benedict, "It seemed as if a demon from hell, in the disguise of a priest, occupied the chair of Peter and profaned the sacred mysteries of religion by his insolent courses."  The Catholic Encyclopedia calls him "a disgrace to the Chair of Peter." He was also accused by Bishop Benno of Piacenza of "many vile adulteries and murders".  Pope Victor III, in his third book of Dialogues, referred to "his rapes, murders and other unspeakable acts. His life as a pope was so vile, so foul, so execrable, that I shudder to think of it."

Benedict was briefly forced out of Rome in 1036, but returned with the help of the Emperor.  In September 1044 the opposition forced him out of the city again and elected John, Bishop of Sabina, as Pope Sylvester III.  Benedict IX's forces returned in April 1045 and expelled his rival, who returned to his previous bishopric.  Later in 1045, in order to rid the Church of the scandalous Benedict, his godfather, the pious priest John Gratian, persuaded Benedict to resign the papacy for a sum of money, thus allowing Gratian himself to become Pope Gregory VI - some also say that Benedict wanted to marry.  Benedict IX soon regretted his resignation and returned to Rome, taking the city and remaining on the throne until July 1046, although Gregory VI continued to be recognized as the true pope.  At the time, Sylvester III also reasserted his claim.

At the Council of Sutri in December 1046, Benedict IX and Sylvester III were declared deposed while Gregory VI was encouraged to resign. The German Bishop Suidger was crowned as Gregory's successor, Pope Clement II.  Benedict IX had not attended the council and did not accept his deposition. When Clement II died in October 1047, Benedict seized the Lateran Palace in November, but was driven away by German troops in July 1048.  Benedict is usually recognized as having had three bites at the papal cherry.

If a great saint like St Peter Damian can denounce the Pope as, "feasting on immorality", traditionalists have every right to denounce Pope Francis for feasting on crowd-pleasing, confusing sound bites.  A Catholic can call the Pope a "donkey's arse", but what he may not do is refuse to acknowledge him as the visible head of the Churh on earth or refuse to submit to his infallible solemn definitions that bind all Christians in matters of faith and morals.

How did we get in this absurd position where neo-Catholics treat the Pope like the Nazis treated the Führer, as someone who has to be near worshipped and slavishly followed?  Well, up until 1958 the Church had been blessed with a century and a half of splendid popes.  This was so significant that it buried itself deep into the collective Catholic sub-conscious to the point that it was difficult to imagine that things could ever be different.

Islam, Religion of Peace and Tolerance

Brave Pakistani Islamic Warriors Murder Christian Girl

Religion of PeacePakistan, March 05, 2014: a Christian girl was shot dead by brave Islamic warriors in the northern region of the country last week.  She was hiding with a male cousin who had converted from Islam to Christianity a few years ago.

Since the conversion, he was declared ‘apostate’ and was on the Islamists hit list. Militants found their hiding place and shot the girl; the man managed to escape.  The Christian community expressed outrage and asked for the intervention of civil institutions to defend the rights of minorities and all citizens against Islamic violence.

Militant Islamists have been trying to impose their views and have been killing whoever has gone against their diktats. A dialogue between the government and these radical Islamists reached a deadlock after Islamic militants told the government that “there is no possibility of peace in the country unless Pakistan changes its political and legal system and adopts Islamic law”.

Sounds more like a religion for sociopaths than a religion of peace from where I'm standing.


By: Graham Moorhouse with acknowledgment to Yvonne Windsor

On Friday 25th April the BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) surrendered their lease on the building in Bedford Square that had functioned as an abortion mill for a several years.  A number of Catholics, many young, have for many years prayed outside the clinic and offered support and help to the mothers going in.  For the last three years 40 days for Life has held vigils there and on one memorable occasion were joined by Bishop Hopes (this required a Police presence to protect the young Catholics from an angry mob of pro-aborts who had turned out on the orders of the Guardian newspaper). 

On Saturday something happened that many would have thought was utterly inconceivable: a Mass was offered inside the now empty clinic, in thanksgiving for its closure, in reparation for the thousands of abortions which had been carried out, for the souls of the babies who have been killed, for the mothers who had made that awful choice and for the staff who had worked in this factory of death.  Permission for the Mass had been given by the landlords and was offered by the parish priest.

A friend, Yvonne Windsor, was very fortunate to be present (She represented her goddaughter Lucy who could not be there but had devoted many hours, often on her own, to the vigil).  It was an incredibly moving, prayerful and poignant occasion.  It was also the feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel, the patroness of 40 Days for Life. 

Was this a foretaste of Our Lady's prophecy " in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph".   It is also a great encouragement for our vigils at the other London clinics, prayer and fasting really do work .... and thank you to all those who have supported the vigils; I'm sure this should cheer you up.   God is indeed good!

History Repeating Itself

Homofascists hurl excreta at German parents peacefully protesting the force feeding of the homosexual agenda to their children in German schools.

The German Nazi Party was born from the bowels of homosexual activists.  Indeed, the first meetings of the nascent Nazi Party took place in gay bars in Berlin.

And homofascists were heavily involved in the holocaust.   The idea for disposing of the Jews originated with Lanz von Leibenfels, a homosexual. The first years of terrorism against the Jews were carried out by the Storm Trooper whose leaders were almost without exception homosexuals.  The first concentration camp, as well as the system for training its brutal guards, was established by Ernst Röhm, a notorious homosexual.  Kristallnacht, the first large scale violent mob attacks on the Jews were orchestrated in 1938 by the homosexual Reinhard Heydrich.  And it was the transvestite Goering, who, with an order to the homosexual Heydrich dated the 24th January 1939, opened up the Pandora’s Box of the “Final Solution” to the Jewish question.  Further, the testimony of survivors suggest that around twenty per cent of the sadistic guards in the death camps where homosexuals.

The reasons are not difficult to unpack.  The homosexual collective is bound together by two things: a mutual addiction to the depravity of sodomy and a shared resentment at the disgust this lifestyle choice evinces from most normal people.  They blame this reaction of disgust on the part of the majority on Europe's Judaic Christian heritage.  Hence Jews and Christian are in their cross-hairs.  Whilst several million Jews died in the death camps, we should not forget that so did 10,000 or so Catholic priests.  

Homofascist propagandist will seek to debunk the above by pointing to a number of anti-homosexual rants made by Hitler.  But actions speak much louder than words, and it is simply an historical fact that Hitler surrounded himself with homofacsists.  It would appear that when Hitler wanted mob violence, bloodshed and mayhem, he valued highly the homosexual collective's flair on this front.

Is this ugly monster rising again in Germany from the ashes of 1945?  Parents in Baden-Württemberg and Cologne, peacefully protesting against a new "sexual perversion desensitising curriculum" being imposed on German children, were attacked by a mob of homofacsists who physically assaulted them, attacked their marshals with pepper spray, hurled foul-mouthed abuse, destroyed their property, threw bags of paint and faeces at them, spat at them, tore out their speaker cables and wiped their own backsides with pages torn from Bibles that were then screwed up and hurled at the parents.

As with the homofascist led mob violence again the Jews in the late 30s, the police predictably stood by and did nothing to protect the victims, indeed they actually advised the parents to disperse!   The left-controlled media, as in Nazi Germany, did not even report the outrage; it ignored it as it is similarly ignoring the continuing massive ongoing French resistance to homosexual adoption, which incidentally has now spread to Spain and Italy.

Is history on the verge of repeating itself?

I'm Saint, You're a Saint, we're all a Saint, Saint

Mass production is by and large a splendid thing.  I'm no Worzel Gummidge trad who believes anything not made by the sweat of my personal brow is tainted.  Mass production has brought excellent products within the reach of Joe Average.  However, it undeniably comes at a price.  Sometimes, but by no means inevitable, there is a reduction in quality.  Further, because the quantity skyrockets, the value plummets.

This is tragically what has happened in the post-Concilial la-la land with the mass production of saints.  Whilst every Catholic will have heard of St John of the Cross, the only man canonised in the whole of the sixteenth century, how many can name more than one or two of the nearly 700 men canonised in the 20th century?  The following graphs will give one an idea of the exponential growth of the saint production line:

Saint Chart 1

Saint Chart 1

Saint Chart 2

Saint Chart 2

It is difficult to imagine what purpose is served by the modern canonisation process, given that:

  1. At a Novus Ordo funeral every rake is immediately announced to be enjoying the beatific vision.  I actually went to the funeral of a man who hadn't seen the inside of a church for decades, and who had collapsed while drunk in a betting shop, only to be told that we could pray to him now as he was with Jesus!
  2. John Paul ll preached that all religions were salvific, thus flatly contradicting all four Gospels and 2000 years of Catholic teaching.
  3. Modernists believe that hell is empty and everyone enjoys the beatific vision, flatly contradicting Our Blessed Lord, and indeed Our Blessed Lady's revelation when she appeared at Fatima.

The canonisation fence was massively lowered when the number of miracles required was reduced to just one.  But even this has to be understood against the background of the cunning plotting of Modernists.  Modernists do not believe in miracles, and would have liked to have abolished this requirement entirely, but felt this would scandalise the faithful just a bit too much, so compromised on one.  However, they have got over this hurdle by introducing the non-miracle miracle.  Thus, for example, the "miracle" that adorns Paul Vl's file consists of a mother who suffered from a genetic condition that put her unborn child at risk of being born with a mental defect, praying to Paul Vl, and the child being born without a mental defect.  Which is a bit like claiming that because crossing a busy main road is very dangerous, therefore if you get to the other side without being run down, a miracle has occurred.  My suspicion is this mockery of the process is a deliberate ploy by Modernists to get the whole nasty business of miracles dropped.

As every post-Conciliar pope who has said anything nice about Vatican ll is ipso facto up for canonisation, we could save a lot of money by combining their canonisation with their enthronement.  Alternatively, why not declare the whole world as canonised and close the factory - no forced redundancies of course - that would upset the peace and justice crowd.

Putin and the Crimea

I have no intention of becoming a torch bearer for Putin, but I can't help feeling that in the political convulsion taking place in Ukraine we're missing something.

Ukraine held a democratic election and elected a parliament and president.  Now, because the majority of Ukrainians are pro-Russian, the democratically elected parliament and president were - unsurprisingly - pro-Russian.  That's what democracy is supposed to be about, isn't it?

However, the defeated minority didn't like the election result, and with Western meddling/support/encouragement staged a violent right-wing coup that, with the loss of some one hundred lives, toppled the democratically elected parliament and president and installed a puppet parliament and president in its place.

This Western meddling in a former Russian colony and with which she shares a common border, rather foreseeably one would have thought, somewhat pissed of the Russians.   The Russians responded by occupying a tiny corner of the Ukraine, the bit we call the Crimea that was historically Russian, organised a referendum (rather like Alex Salmon is doing in Scotland) which was carried almost unanimously in Russia's favour, and in accordance with the outcome of the referendum absorbed the Crimea back into Russia from whence it came; a peaceful transfer of sovereignty achieved without any loss of life or a shot fired in anger.  The EEC, which regularly transfers whole chunks of national sovereignty without a referendum or indeed even a pretence of a consultation, didn't of course like this outbreak of democracy one little bit.

The Western secular media are unanimous in painting Putin as a baddy, whilst the right-wing mob who toppled their democratically elected parliamant and president are as pure as the driven snow ... and a lot nicer.  The West is now intent on racketing up further tension in the region by banning Putin's mates from taking their holidays in Manchester and banking their saving in Barclays.  As I say, am I missing something?

Another Cheer-up Moment

The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, a secluded group of traditional nuns living in the farmlands north of Kansas City, have topped the traditional classical music charts. Tracy Smith takes us on a first-ever look inside the place where it all happens.  Click on the image below to view Tracy's inspiring documentary.

These are real nuns, none of your post-Conciliar misogamists dressed as M&S dummies here.  It is also worth checking out their inspiring website.


Find Wally

And Still the Vatican Prays for Unity!


On the Lighter Side

A conversation between an elderly patient and her doctor:

Patient: "Doctor, how do you work out when it is time for one of your elderly patient to go into an old peoples' home?"

Doctor: "Well, I use what I call the bathtub test.  I fill their bathtub to the rim.  I then offer them a spoon, a cup and a bucket and tell them to empty the bath."

Patient: "I get it, a person who still has all their faculties would choose the bucket because it is the largest."

"No" replied the doctor, "A person who has all their marbles would pull the plug out.  Would you like a bed near the window?"

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