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The Crusades

Islam - Religion of Peace?

By: Graham Moorhouse (with acknowledgement to Patrick Lawyer)

"Those who prefer to cling to their secular prejudices should click away now."

Quran Muslima Islam

Anti-Catholic bigots both without and within the Church would have us believe that the Crusades were an example of the wickedness of the medieval Church.  And they get away with their black propaganda because of the abysmal historical ignorance of almost everybody educated in the last fifty years.

A good friend recently attended a CCRS course.  CCRS stands for Counterfeit Catholicism for the Ridiculously Simple-minded - I jest - it actually stands for Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies.  It is a course designed by the Modernism Enforcement Tsars who have been appointed for the express purpose of destroying Catholic Education by the post-Conciliar Modernists who have high jacked most English Catholic sees. 

The people behind these courses have much in common with those priests (overwhelmingly predatory sodomites) who in recent years have brought great shame on the Church by sexually abusing minors, because like them they are clearly very comfortable prostituting their clerical office to advance their personal agenda.

The Jesuit Priest in charge for one particular study day, described the Crusades as, “Western colonialism” and lamented the "racism and religious bigotry” behind them, and caused by them.  He stated that the Crusades are “a stain on Christianity and the West in general,” for which we should never tire of apologising.  My friend, who is a history teacher, suggested that he could not be serious about what he had just said about the Crusades and asked where he had picked up such historically inaccurate views, as not a word of what he had said had any basis in historical fact.  The Jesuit fell back on the standard first line of defence of a liberal caught telling fibs, "That’s a matter of opinion, isn’t it?"

"No, it isn’t." countered my friend, "It’s a matter of historical fact; the First Crusade was only called after some 450 years of unprovoked and unremitting Muslim aggression against  Christendom."  The Jesuit asked him to explain what he meant.  "Well, for instance," patiently explained my friend "Mohammed died in 632 AD; exactly 100 years later, in 732  AD, Muslim invading armies reached Tours in the northern half of France.  That’s a hell of a long way from Mecca!  Plus, in the ninth century Rome was besieged  and sacked by another Muslim army and the tombs of both Saints Peter and St Paul were desecrated, and the Pope was forced to pay vast sums of protection money”

"Well, I think there is a great deal of debate to be had on the subject" muttered our befuddled Jesuit, now on the defensive, "and I  don’t really know a great deal about that. [Emphasis added].  But I think, in general, the Crusades were a bad thing."  There you have it, "I don’t really know a great deal about that,”  yet his self-confessed ignorance didn’t stop him propagating his anti-Catholic prejudices, and maintaining it immune to any correction from actual historical facts.  This is a classic example of the fake and manipulative narrative (contra-education) that has been propagated by modern academia, apologists for Islam and the western left for decades.

We should all know it off by heart by now: “The peace loving, advanced multicultural Muslim civilisation was minding its own business (planting gardens, inventing modern medicine, reading Plato, holding interfaith dialogues with Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, etc,. when along lurched the thuggish, illiterate, racist European Christian murderers; driven by religious bigotry and greed who launched a totally unprovoked religious war.  They slaughtered hundreds of thousands (some say millions), forcibly converted more and set up western imperialist colonial enclaves where the indigenous Muslim peoples of the region were treated appallingly.  After two centuries of oppression a noble leader, Saladin, arose, united the oppressed ["oppressed" - such a lovely emotive liberal buzz word, isn't it?] peoples and cast out the brutish European Christian primitives, all the while displaying a nobility, intelligence and cultural sensitivity that throws into stark relief the barbaric, mass-murdering cultural, religious and economic imperialism of his enemies.  This monstrous attack on an entire culture and civilization, naturally, traumatised the Muslim world for a millennium and began the deep and totally understandable fear and mistrust of western Christendom felt by the Muslim East to this day.  It was a chapter in history so heinous, that the West should constantly feel guilt and grovel and ask for forgiveness.” 

There is just one small flaw in this narrative .. not a word of it is true.  If you are honestly interested in history, as opposed to ideological dogma, you might want to acquaint yourself with a few relevant facts omitted from this story.  So, in order to do our bit for genuine education, here is a handy cut-out-and-keep little primer to help you next time you encounter another historically illiterate, logic-and-reason-disabled, contra-educated, two-a-penny, left-wing Jesuit.

We all know the modern day Muslim world, well, guess what?  It used to be the Christian World.  According to the Ahadith of Bukhari (regarded by Muslim religious authorities as the most authoritative compiler of Islamic traditions), towards the end of his life: "the Prophet of Allah wrote to Chosroes (King of Persia), Caesar (Emperor of Rome) [actually Heraclius, Emperor of Byzantium], Negus (King of Abyssinia) and every (other) despot, inviting them to Allah, the Exalted to embrace Islam and you will be safe."  None of them did, and none of them were safe.  The following is for those who would like to know what actually happened. 

635 A.D. Three years after Mohammed's death, Muslim forces captured Damascus (where St. Paul was heading when he had his dramatic conversion).
636 A.D.. A year later Muslim forces take al-Basra, southern Iraq
637 A.D. A year later Muslim forces take Antioch ( near the modern city of Antakya, Turkey) where the disciples of Jesus were first called, “Christians”
638 A.D. A year later Muslim forces take Jerusalem, the Holy City of both Christianity and Judaism.

639 A.D. Muslim forces invade Egypt, at the time a largely Christian country.

642 A.D.

Muslim forces take Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt, destroying its famous Great Library in the process.

650 A.D.

Muslim forces take Cappadocia (in modern day Turkey).

652 A.D. Muslim forces launch attacks against Sicily, they eventually conquer it in 827 A.D.
668 A.D. Muslim forces launch the first siege of Constantinople (Byzantium), many more were to follow.
711 A.D. Muslim forces begin the invasion of the Iberian Peninsula (modern day Spain).
715 A.D. Spain completely conquered by Muslim forces (an occupation that would last for more than 700 years), they begin to press on into France.
732 A.D. Muslim forces finally stopped at Tours, Northern France, by Charles Martel, the Frankish statesman and military leader.
792 A.D. Muslim forces launch a jihad (called by Hisham, Muslim ruler of Spain) against France, but are turned back after sacking several cities, killing many and enslaving even more.
838-972 A.D. Muslim forces take Frejus, near Cannes and use it as a base to raid France and Northern Italy.  Christian pilgrims to Rome are frequently robbed, murdered and kidnapped by Muslim slave traders operating in the Alps.
846 A.D. After nearly two centuries of increasing raids on southern Italy, Muslim forces sack Rome, desecrating the tombs of St. Peter and St. Paul, destroying many churches and carrying off hundreds of slaves.
848 A.D. A third Muslim army crosses the Pyrenees and invades France, once again destroying towns and cities, killing and enslaving before being driven back.
870 A.D. Muslim forces capture the island of Malta.
873 A.D. Muslim forces launch massive slave raids in Calabria, Northern Italy, leaving the province devastated and depopulated.
878 A.D. Muslim forces destroy the city of Syracuse,  a historic city in Sicily, killing all most all of its inhabitants and enslaving the survivors.
935 A.D. Muslim forces capture the city of Genoa, Northern Italy.
976 A.D. The Fatimid Caliph of Egypt sends repeated military expeditions to Southern Italy for slaves and booty.

Anyone notice something of a pattern emerging here?  I mean, we'd hate to be thought of as islamophobic, but doesn't it seem as if the Muslims sort of......well......kind of.........just attacked, conquered and subjugated everyone?  I mean, not just their neighbours - Tours is after all a hell of a long way from Mecca. 

And we haven't even touched on the invasion, slaughter and subjugation of the Hindus, Buddhists and Animists of what is now Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.  Let's fast forward (I'm missing out quite a lot of slaughter, enslaving, conquest and subjugation at this point).

1004-14 A.D. The sixth Fatimid Caliph, Abu Ali al-Mansur al-Hakim, destroys thirty thousand Christian churches, seizing their lands and possessions.
1003-1009 A.D. Muslim raiders increase attacks on the Italian West coast, including Pisa and Rome, from their base on Sardinia.
1009 A.D. Hakim destroys the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (in Jerusalem), he orders Christians to wear heavy wooden crosses and Jews to wear heavy wooden calves around their necks.
1010 A.D. Hakim orders Christians and Jews to accept Islam (convert) or leave his dominions.
1010 A.D. Muslim forces capture the city of Cosenza, in Southern Italy.
1056 A.D. Three hundred Christians are expelled from Jerusalem and European Christian pilgrims are denied access to the (rebuilt) Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
1071 A.D. Muslim forces crush the Byzantines at the battle of Manzikert, taking the Byzantine Emperor, Romanus IV Diogenes, prisoner.
1076 A.D. Muslim forces (Seljuk Turks) conquer Syria, a Christian country at that time.
1077 A.D. The Seljuks take Jerusalem, slaughtering over three thousand Christians and Jews.
1077 A.D. Onwards, the Seljuks attack Christian pilgrims, killing and enslaving thousands and denying access to the Holy Land to European Christians.
1095 A.D. The Byzantine Emperor, Alexius I Comnenus, sends a letter to Pope Urban II, asking for help.
1095 A.D. The First Crusade: at the Council of Clermont, Pope Urban II calls for European Christians to defend Constantinople and reopen access to the Holy land, especially Jerusalem.

So, let’s recap shall we?  After 450 years of unremitting Muslim aggression on Christian countries; invasion and occupation of large areas of Europe; centuries of pillage, rape and kidnapping and  slave-trading; after 450 years of totally unprovoked religious warfare; when Christian pilgrims were denied access to the Holy Land and to Jerusalem (the centre of their faith), Christians finally fought back.  Memorise or print the above and you can enjoy yourself causing hyperventilation and accusations of racism and Islamaphobia at liberal gatherings everywhere!

After several similar encounters with the Modernists and heretics who runs these CCRS courses, my friend was asked to leave - the very last thing they want on these courses is someone who actually knows their subject; this makes it so much more difficult to get away with their anti-Catholic lies.

"The Devil when all is said and done is just a bit of a nuisance"

A good priest friend, we will call him Father James, related the following story to me: he had gone into the Catholic book shop in Lewisham to make a small purchase, but found no one serving - the nuns who run the shop were presumable in their chapel.  Being short for time he left with the intention of returning at some other time.  He was vaguely aware of a rather dishevelled young man sitting in the corner as he turned and left.

A short distance down the street he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to find the young man who had been sitting in the shop.  "Are you a Catholic priest?" enquired the man.  Fr James, who was in civvies, replied affirmatively.  The young man explained that he didn't have a religious bone in his body but then added that he nevertheless needed the help of a Catholic priest.  He then recounted that he had been using a Ouija board with some university friends and "something" had detached itself from the board and had been following him around stuck on his shoulder and talked to him incessantly.  He further explained that to get rid of whatever it was he had been advised by a friend to contact a minister of religion.  However, he had worked his way through half a dozen denominations but with no joy.

Then one day he had been passing a Catholic church, and the "thing" growled, "Don't go in there."   This arroused the young man curiousity and resulted in him doing judt that, entering the church.  The presence detached itself from his shoulder and remained at the door.  As this was the first time he had been free of this unwelcome attention for months, the experience naturally left a deep impression on him.  Unfortunately, as soon as he exited the church, the "thing" reattached itself.  Nevertheless, this experience was the trigger that led him to the Catholic book shop in search of a priest.

The priest recounted to me, and I quote: "I was terrified.  I don't want anything to do with spirits, especially ones that bleeding manifest themselves!"  Fr James, in an attempt to pass the buck consulted the late Fr Hugh Thwaites SJ.  Fr Thwaites recommended that the young man was instructed in the Faith and received into the Church.  And this in due course is what happened, but unfortunately it did not bring about the hoped for released from the unwelcome manifestation.

Back my priest friend went to Fr Thwaite, who suggested that he would have to carry out an exorcism.  Fr James was terrified at this prospect but nevertheless arranged a date at the young man's home to attempt it.  He was so frightened that he took along a couple of his relatives for moral and prayer support.   They assembled in the living room and he proceeded to read through the prayers of exorcism; at the climax of the exorcism there was an enormous crashing sound that my priest friend described as like every bit of china in the kitchen being broken simultaneously.   The party rushed into the kitchen to find absolutely nothing amiss.  

They returned to the living room to find the young man beaming like a Cheshire cat, "Its gone," he exclaimed joyously.

Life in the Secular Asylum

Pro-abort argument

A card carrying member of the secular asylum

What defines an asylum is the lie.  It is not as some suppose the loss of reason.  The lunatic, as Chesterton pointed out, has lost everything except his reason.  Thus in an asylum one may ask a man why he has bits of bacon hanging from his bed frame; to which he will reply, "To keep me safe from the little green men from the planet Zog who want to harm me."  He can than point out totally reasonably that it is working as no little green men from Zog have been seen anywhere near his bed since he started festooning it with rashers of bacon.

The modern secular world is built on similarly lies, or if you prefer rational delusions.  One of the base lies is the virtue of the separation of Church and state.  This was the big idea of the Masons behind the French Revolution that was quickly enshrined by Protestant heretics into the American Constitution.  If God became man and walked among us (as he did), and died on the Cross to redeem us from our sins and make it possible to live happy with God in Heaven for ever (as He did) and if God founded a Church to distribute the graces won for us by His Son (as He did), and if the state is a necessary consequence of man's God-given social nature, then Church and state should be working in a profound symbiosis and synergy, not separated!  The separation of Church and state can never be from Heaven's perspective anything more than the last armistice lines.

Yet another lie underpinning modernity is the one about Islam being a religion of peace.  What Islamists mean when they describe Islam as a religion of peace is that when they have conquered the entire world for Islam there will be peace.  Which is not quite what Tony Blair, George Bush, Obama and now unfortunately Pope Francis mean when they trot out this patent lie.  How can a religion fabricated by a war lord for his own ends, that has been in a constant state of fratricidal strife since its invention, and which waged aggressive wars against the west for nearly five-hundred years before Christendom finally decided to defend itself, and which today accounts for nine out of ten terrorists in the world, be described as a "religion of peace" - except by the sort of lunatic for whom reality has become an utterly meaningless concept, i.e. the sort of people in other words who inhabit the secular asylum?

Another lie that is enabling governments to waste billions of pounds of our money is the man-made global warming scam.  This lie is maintained, in spite of the fact that there is not a scrap of genuine evidence for warming taking place, let alone man-made warming, and this lie is maintained in spite of the fact that science is fully aware that it was actually warmer than it is now during what is known as the Medieval Warm Period, a time when the Romans had vineyards on the Scottish borders, which was several centuries before man starting burning fossil fuels on an industrial scale.

Then of course we have a whole string of lies told to gain public support for the legalisation of every depravity known to man.  Modern man wants to fornicate in the widest possible meaning of that word and to do so without consequences.  Thus he has to legalise abortion just as his pagan forefathers legalised child sacrifice.  To do this he had to sell the lie that unborn children were not, well, unborn children. 

Roe-v-Wade was another lie.  We now know that twenty-two year old Norma McCorvey (the Jane Roe of Roe-v-Wade notoriety) was never gang raped as argued before the American Supreme court (her pregnancy was the result of an affair) and the child was never aborted.  Indeed, this troubled young woman who dabbled in alcohol abuse and lesbianism eventually was received into the Catholic Church and went on to became a powerful pro-life activist.

Next up we have the lie that homosexuality is genetic, they are born that way.  This lie is accepted in spite of the fact that there is not one scrap of evidence to support it!  Indeed, the British government, riding piggy-back on this lie, is currently considering making it illegal to offer to help homosexuals overcome their disordered inclinations.  An ex-homosexual in the States was recently arrested for excitedly relating to an openly gay man the fact that he himself had been gay but had been free of the temptation to unnatural vice for years!  That's just how deeply imbedded this lie has become.  There may well be more ex-gay men in the world than gay men, but their existence must be denied to maintain the lie. 

Even gay "royalty" have managed to turn their backs on this depravity.  Michael Glatze, the founding editor of Young Gay America, a man who won numerous prestigious awards for his gay activism, turned his back on homosexuality at the age of thirty and wrote: "Healing from the wounds caused by homosexuality is not easy – there's little obvious support.  What support remains is shamed, ridiculed, silenced by rhetoric or made illegal by twisting of laws.  I had to sift through my own embarrassment and the disapproving "voices" of all I'd ever known to find it.  Part of the homosexual agenda is getting people to stop considering that conversion is even a viable question to be asked, let alone whether or not it works.  In my experience, "coming out" from under the influence of the homosexual mindset was the most liberating, beautiful and astonishing thing I've ever experienced in my entire life."

Charlene E. Cothran, Publisher of the lesbian Venus Magazine, wrote: "Over the past 29 years of my life I have been an aggressive, creative and strategic supporter of gay and lesbian issues.  I’ve organized and participated in countless marches and various lobbying efforts in the fight for equal treatment of gay men and lesbians.  I have kept current on the issues and made financial contributions to those organizations doing work about which I was most passionate.  As the publisher of a 13 year old periodical which targets Black gays and lesbians, I have had the opportunity to publicly address thousands, influencing closeted people to ‘come out’ and stand up for them selves, which is particularly difficult in the African-American community."  Yet in 2006 Charlene turned her back on lesbianism and wrote, "Today I am celibate. Again, I don’t say I will never have a man in my life, I’m not saying I will never be married to a man.  Who knows what the Lord has in store for me. But there is one thing I can say and one thing I will go on record and say—I will never be entangled with the bondage of lesbianism again."

The very latest lie to become obligatory to accept is the victim status of homosexuals.  Mathew Shepherd, a young gay man who was tragically murdered, allegedly by strangers, in October 1998, became an overnight poster boy for the gay as victims of straight bullying myth.  His mother even made a tour of European cities, paid for by the American tax-payers  It is now known that the man who murdered Shepherd wasn't a stranger but a man he had had "sex" with, and that the quarrel was probably over drugs.  The true story was uncovered by Stephen Jimenez, a journalist who is himself gay.  Paradoxically, this story actually provides anecdotal supports for the reality, which is that gay men are disproportionately the victims of violence, but that this violence comes overwhelmingly from other homosexuals.

Some facts and statistics picked at random from the secular asylum:

  1. Suicide in American now outnumber deaths from car accidents.
  2. One third of American employees suffer chronic debilitating stress.
  3. One in four women in America are taking anti-depressants.
  4. Unsupported mothers now account for one in four American households.
  5. Roughly one in three children do not have a father living at home.
  6. In 2010 the average American teenager was consuming 1.2 central nervous system drugs for condition such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  and depression.
  7. 20 million new sexually transmitted disease infections are recorded every year.
  8. One in four American teenage girls has at least one sexually transmitted disease.
  9. In the US a surgical/medical abortion is carried out every 26 seconds, and it is estimated that 610 million unborn children were destroyed by abortifacients between 1965 and 2009. 
  10. America has the highest child abuse deaths rates in the developed world.  Which given the above should come as no surprise.
  11. Ireland, which recently recorded the lowest maternity mortality rate in the world, has just legalised abortion to improve the safety of mothers - you couldn't make that one up.
  12. In Britain the number of elderly people abused has soared by 25% in a year and a third of the perpetrators never face justice.
  13. This summer, a record 910 British care homes were issued with warning notices that their standards of care were 'unacceptable".
  14. Over a 100 million people in the USA are on some sort of means-tested Federal welfare - 50 million are receiving food stamps.
  15. On Lackland Air Force Base in the USA, Senior Master Sgt Philip Monk was relieved of his duty for refusing a direct order from his commander to affirm his support for gay marriage.
  16. On the 16th October 2013 the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (there's an Orwellian title to send shivers down your spine), comprising former heads of state and government leaders, has asked the EU to establish national surveillance units to monitor citizens suspected of "intolerance".  These "special administrative units ... should preferably operate within the Ministry of Justice."   For "intolerance" read any citizen who refuses to embrace their secular lies.
  17. Tony Blair and George Bush were happy to kill (murder?) hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, woman and children to eliminate the threat of non-existent weapons of mass destruction; because, said non-existent weapons could reach London in 45 minutes.
  18. In the Land of the Free, the American wing of the secular asylum, the inmates are so clueless that they voted for a president who has almost as many conviction communists in his administration as Stalin, and that on no more solid grounds than that he is Black, or is perceived to be - which is more than suficient apparently to get an inmate of the secular asylum salivating.

To quote a recent Christian Order: "The asylum of inhumanity that we now inhabit did not construct itself.  Nor did the lunatics in charge draw up the politically correct straightjacket that binds  and chafes and increasingly terrorises their clueless inmates.  In fact, the Brave New Edifice of 'modernity' is the handiwork of atheistic masters of deceit and manipulation.  For nearly a century they have waged war against the west."   And this is surely to what Our Lady was referring in 1929 when she said, "Russia would spread its errors throughout the world." 


A pro-abort delivery a calm well-reasoned argument

There is a connection between anger and the lie.  I have a member of my extended family who is an alcoholic, and like all alcoholics her life is one big lie, but what is interesting is that the lies are always shouted angrily in your face - its as if liars believe the lie acquires substance, for you and himself, the more aggressively it is shouted.  One observes in modernity a similar fury generated by the lie: for example, one observed an irrational rage in David Cameron when he angrily and instantly dismissed a Conservative candidate for politely raising concerns in the most reasonably language possible about Cameron's obsession with the gay agenda.  Among pro-aborts this irrational rage is so common place it is barely noticed any more, but in fifty years of pro-life activity I have never seen a pro-lifer address a pro-abort other than courteously and kindly, but conversely, I have never seen a pro-abort who was not eaten up with anger.  There usual modus-operandi  is to run up to you, shout something incoherent or irrational in your face, and then scarper before you can respond. 

Support for the lie seems to demand not merely anger, but a sort of irrational demonic fury that comes from the very bowels of hell.  But then the line between lunacy and diabolical possession is somewhat blurred and often so difficult to discern that they frequently appear to be but two sides of the same coin.  Perhaps a man, and by extension society, can only embrace so much evil or so many lies before it sends him mad.

There is a moving scene in the film, Escape for Sobibor, when  an elderly Jew stoops and pick up a handful of dust, and allowing it to trickle through his fingers, addresses a Nazi officer, "Your lies will one day trickle through your finger, like so much dust ."  The fact that modernity is built on lies should be a source of hope for Catholics, for the lie tends to have a limited life span.  Thus, in spite of all the shouting, anger, corrupt laws, intolerance and outright persecution, designed to shore up the lie, the lie one day will evaporate as surely as morning mist before a bright new dawn - then watch the creatures of the night scrambing to hide from the truth.

40 Days

Find out how to make a genuine difference in your own backyard: join the most successful pro-life movement in history, a movement driven by courage and the inspiring faith of young Catholics that leaves one feeling humbled:

40 Days for Life


"The folly of God is wiser than human wisdom ..."

As reported in a recent Christian Order, when asked about the failure of the Pope to mention Russia, as requested by the Mother of God, when carrying out the umpteenth consecration of the world to her Immaculate Heart, Fr Joseph Fessio railed on St Gabriele Radio in Columbus: "Any God that would require a specifically minute formula for all countries including Russia to save the world is not a God I would want to worship ... I'm not interested in discussing it ..." 

I can only suppose that Adam believed that any God that would require a specifically minute formula for eating the fruit of all trees except of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to save the world was not a God he wanted to worship.  One is reminded of the Anglican clergyman who reportedly started his sermon, "The Lord Jesus said, and broadly speaking I agree with Him ..."  

Personally, if God commanded me to stand on one leg and whistle Dixie for a week, that is exactly what I would do, for there is one thing of which I am very certain: the folly of God is wiser than human wisdom ...


The taxpayer is forced to subsidise infamous abortion provider Marie Stopes with over £31 million blood money a year

It has recently been revealed that the notorious chain of abortion mills Marie Stopes is funded by the taxpayer to the tune over £31 million a year.  This was revealed in a parliamentary answer to David Amess MP, who asked in a written question to the parliamentery Under-Secretary of State for International Development for the amount given to Marie Stopes.

The DFID provides £777,000 to Marie Stopes International through four Civil Society Challenge Fund grants.  Additional payment can also be made through country offices and partners supporting reproductive health and maternal health programs.  This is on top of the £30 million Marie Stopes receives every year from the Department of Health.

Marie Stopes is the Henry Ford of the abortion mills.  This means that a private company whose main line of business is killing unborn children on an industrial scale is subsidizes by you and me.  Against this background it could be argued that tax avoidance and tax evasion are moral duties for any right thinking Christian.

The DFID stated, "It is a major priority for the Government to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights, including access to modern family planning methods and promoting women's choice, in the developing world."  In other words exporting abortion to the four corners of the globe is a major priority for this morally bankrupt government.

David Amess MP responded that he was, "appalled that our money is being directed towards this end.  We have the most challenging  economic climate, and we are seeing our money going towards abortions overseas."

With run away enegy cost, cut backs on every front, the building of new schools axed, slashing the budget for hospitals, infrastructure on hold, public sector pay increases frozen, pensions pegged back, yet we can still find £31 million to promote abortion in Kuala Lumpur!

The corrupt political classes are always banging on about democracy, but do you know anybody who actually voted for this?  Write to your MP and protest this evil waste of public money, especially at a time when we are all supposed to be tightening our belts.

The Wisdom of the Late Fr Hugh Thwaites SJ

The late, great, saintly Fr Hugh Thwaites SJ once described modern man as like a dog at a birthday party.  He is happy, his tail is wagging, he eagerly gobbles up the scraps that fall from the tables, he delights in the attention of the children, but he hasn't the foggiest idea what it is all about - and he wouldn't understand even if it was explained to him.

Supreme Court Rules that Chickens are Vegetables

by Nairb McLlac (Supreme Court and Grocery Correspondent)

A-CNN Special News Report: In a novel move but still in the spirit of the ever evolving American jurisprudence, the Supreme Court of the United States today announced in a sua sponte and ex nihilo decision that all chickens were no longer animals but vegetables.  Since this decision was announced without anyone filing suite or arguing the case the majority opinion written by Justice Kennedy and running over 800 pages explained that the Court ruled on the basis of what would have been argued if the case had been brought before the court. 

Kennedy stated that the dignity of a chicken requires that the nature of chicken not be constrained by traditional definitions of animal and vegetable.  All federal and state laws treating chickens as animals discriminate against the chickenhood of the chicken and are therefore null and void.  All laws regulating the slaughter, preparation, packaging and labeling of chickens must be rewritten to take account of this new reality and treat the processing and sale of chickens as the processing and sale of vegetables.  One of the 340 examples of de facto discrimination cited by the majority is that classifying chickens as animals disqualifies chickens from being cast in starring roles in the children’s programs “Veggie Tales.”  The Court treated the Veggie Tales example as highly significant proof of discrimination as the programs are produced by fundamentalist Christians who have a long history of hatred against oppressed minorities.

Ima Turnip, spokes-gender-neutral-person for the Society for the Treatment of Animals as Really Vegetables (STARV) MORE


"... revolting life forms scurrying back to hide again under the various rocks from which they had but recently immerged."

By Don McGovern (NB this essay was imspired by a recent article in the Remnant)

When Our Lady appeared to the three children at Fatima she made a very simple promise and prophesy: if the Holy Father, together with all the bishops of the world, would consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, Russia would be converted and the whole world would experience a period in which her Immaculate Heart would triumph.  The validity of this message and prophesy was then underscored by God by the blockbuster Miracle of the Son, a miracle, also foretold by Our Lady, and which was witnessed by some 70,000 people, resulting in the on the spot conversion of unbelievers and sceptics alike.  We also know that a succession of worldly popes have refused to carry out Our Lord's request sent via His mother, clearly fearing the world more than God.

Nevertheless, some very encouraging signs are coming out of Russia in recent years.  Which leads one at least to hope that the first buds of Our Lady's promise are beginning to develop, perhaps in anticipation of a Pope, in the not too distant future, carrying out her Son's request.

One of the most significant is the escape from the absurdity and one of the root errors of our age, unleashed by the French Revolution and enshrined in the American Constitution, namely the separation of the Church and state.  If the Church was founded by God to help man achieve his eternal destiny to live happy with God in Heaven for ever, and the state is a logical necessity of man's God given social nature, than clearly the Church and state should work in a close symbiosis and synergism.  The separation of Church and state is a demonic ruse to facilitate modern man's flight from God, it can never be from the Church's perspective any more than a temporary armistice line.

Recently, the headquarters of the primate of the Russian church has been moved into the Kremlin.  The mood music from both sides signalled that this was to facilitate a new era of co-operation between Church and state.

Yes, I know the Russian Orthodox Church is in schism, and generally speaking it did not cover itself in glory during the Communist era, nevertheless it is orthodox and its sacraments are valid.  So much so that canon law permits a Catholic who is unable to receive the sacraments in the Church, to receive them from an Orthodox priest.  Nor does it seem realistic to believe that God would hold the current generation of Orthodox clergy and laity guilty of the schism of their forefathers of a millennium ago.  Further, given the embarissingly clownish statements of the man who currently occupies the see of Peter, this schism could serve a purpose in God's providence; one of the most extraordinary facets of the awesome God we worship, is His power to draw good out of evil.

A second encouraging sign is the suppression of heresy.  Protestant sects and false religions are not as of now having a easy time in Russia.  They are left alone if they keep themselves to themselves, but if they seek to proselytise they will find themselves on the receiving end of a great deal of harassment.  When Our Lady's Immaculate Heart reigns, one would surely expect that the power of heresiarchs to lead souls astray will be gently but effectively curtailed.

Finally, the militant sodomite collective has had its wings severely clipped in the Russian state and many of its satellites.  It is now a crime to promote this disgusting, unnatural and unhealthy vice to children in Russia, as it should be in any civilised society.  History in a strange way is repeating itself here: for it was the Russian people who first turned back the advance of the Nazi state, a state built upon a Godless creed that grew from the loins of militant sodomites.  Militant sodomites are now quitting Russia in droves or heading back into the closet where they belong alongside the shameless promoters of sadomasochism, coprophilia, paedophilia, necrophilia and a host of other sexual depravities.  It is difficult not to take pleasure in the spectacle of all these revolting life forms scurrying back to hide again under the various rocks from which they had but recently crawled.

Note: the only true "homophobes" are those who approve of homosexual behaviour for fear of censure.  Catholics must love those actively involved in the homosexual lifestyle enough to let them know, no matter what the cost, that the sexual behaviours they engage in are deadly to their body, mind and, most crucially, their soul.  We fear for them. We must be ready to suffer ridicule, unpopularity, and one day perhaps even loss of freedom, rather than not preach and act upon this message of love.  Let's not be naive, we're talking about a ferocious posturing against the plan of God, a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God.

Note: I would want to make a distinction between those poor souls who suffer from the disorder of same sex attraction (who have an absolute right to our sympathy and prayers) and the militant promoters of unnatural vice (who deserve to be locked up).


On the Lighter Side

I've probably put my life at risk, repeating this joke!

The Archbishop of Canterbury and The Royal Commission for Political Correctness announced today that the climate in the UK should no longer be referred to as British Weather.  Rather than offend a sizeable portion of the UK population, it will now be referred to as:

'Muslim Weather' 
ie. Occasionally Sunni, but mostly Shi'ite

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