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By: Graham Moorhouse

I can only apologise for one copy of Le Tocsin for July and August. I find that I am not able to produce two during the peak of the holiday season.

It may interest you that while on holiday and wandering round the Auvegrne in the south of France with friends we found a traditional Mass in an SSPX chapel in Clermont Ferrand. The large chapel was packed, with people standing at the back five or six deep. There must have been four to five hundred in the chapel, with scores of children and teenagers.

What really delighted me was that the beautiful choir, having no room to practice in the church, stood in the street practising, leaving pedestrians and traffic to deviate around them. That's what I call really getting your priorities right.

One cannot but reflect at such moments, just how vibrant Catholic life would be had not Vat 2 sent the Church galloping off in pursuit of its bizarre regime of liberal novelties.  And I'm afraid with Pope Call-Me-George in charge, the decline is set to continue for some time yet.

You May be a Secular Liberal

By: Graham Moorhouse

1. If you believe that having black children adopted by white families may not be a good idea because the children will grow up in an incongruous situation that could cause problems in later life, but believe those who oppose the adoption of children by two men united by an addiction to sodomy are bigots.
You may be a secular liberal

2.  If you routinely assert that most people who disagree with you are bigots, but regularly affirm that one should not be judgemental.
You may be a secular liberal

3.  If you believe that, asserting that anyone who holds that sodomy is unnatural, unhealthy or immoral, must be secretly suppressing similar secret proclivities themselves, constitutes a rational argument.
You may be a secular liberal

4.  If you believe that we should discourage children from smoking because it is unhealthy, but that we should not discourage children from adopting a homosexual death style notwithstanding the death toll from AIDs is 30,000,000 and still counting.
You may be a secular liberal

5.  If you believe the indiscriminate killing of innocent Jews by Hitler was an horrendous crime, but support the indiscriminate killing of innocent  children in the womb by abortion.
You may be a secular liberal

6.  If you believe that a religion that was founded by a war lord and which has spent the last fourteen centuries expanding by conquest, which has also been in a permanent state of bloody civil war since its inception, and which provides some ninety per cent of the world's terrorists, is a religion of peace.
You may be a secular liberal

7.  If you believe that we must encourage widespread use of artificial contraception to avoid demographic disaster, but should also import millions of immigrants to keep our economy growing.
You may be a secular liberal

8.  If you believe that a white man who votes for a white presidential candidate because he is white, is a racist bigot, but a black man who votes for a black candidate just because he is black is a fine, decent, upright fellow.
You may be a secular liberal

9.  If you believe that the climate started to change in your lifetime.
You may be a secular liberal

10.  If you are aware of the fact that over ninety per cent of the victims of  clerical sex abuse by Catholic priests are adolescent males, and you still believe the Church has a problem with paedophile priests.
You may be a secular liberal

11.  If you believe that a sexual pathology (homosexuality) that has given us over fifty per cent of the world's serial killers, nearly eighty percent of convicted child molesters, almost the entire officer core of the Nazi Storm Troopers and some twenty percent of the Nazi death camps most sadistic guards, is merely a harmless "orientation".
You may be a secular liberal

12.  If you believe that the 700 woman who every day in the UK have their child murdered by abortion suffer no lasting psychological negative effects, but believe the odd one or two who put their baby up for adoption must suffer life long regret.
You may be a secular liberal

13. If you believe that governments can define what marriage is, but cannot define what cabbages or grass are.
You may be a secular liberal

14. If you believe that Obama is right to exploit the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman (a man acquitted of his murder by a jury, which perversely failed to do its duty to ignore the evidence) to serve his own agenda, while completely ignoring the fact that in the decade between 2000 to 2010 blacks have killed 65,000 white Americans in the course of committing a crime.
You may be a secular liberal

15.  If you find that having any of the square circles that comprise the doctrines of your secular "religion" pointed out to you makes you angry and start calling people names like "homophobic", "bigot", "judgemental," etc., rather than prompting you to re-evaluate your position.
You're definitely a secular liberal - don't worry about it, just settle down to enjoying life in the asylum - at least you'll have plenty of company - all those who get their religion from the BBC for starters.

President Obama is a symptom, not the real problem ...

With acknowledgement to the Remnant

Some people have a knack of summing up an issue in a way that goes right to the heart of the matter.  The following quote from the Czech Republic, from an article in a Prague newspaper entitled Prager Zeitungon is one superb example:

"The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.  It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama Presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man as their president.  The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools who made him their prince.  The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool.  It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president."

Reading this reminded me of watching many years ago some old news-reel footage of Hitler making a speech.  One of those watching with me remarked afterwards: "What I find most striking is not the fact that he was obviously mad, but that given the fact that he was so obviously mad, millions still followed him." 

Similarly, given the fact that Obama was the only senator in the Illinois assembly to vote against a bill requiring infants who survive botched abortions to be given basic care, the same comment could surely be applied to Obama.

Michael Voris Nails it Yet Again



By: Don McGovern (I'm sure I should acknowledge somebody for parts of the following essay, but for the life of me, I can't remember whom)

Fascism as far as I’m concerned is just a meaningless buzz word when trotted out by liberals, and usually by ones too young to have had any experience of it.  And like most liberal boggy men, it is never defined, so it can mean whatever you want it to mean.  It is usually equated with the racial theories of the Nazis, but there is nothing in Fascism that requires one to embrace racism.

Fascism was founded during World War I by Italian national syndicalists who combined left-wing and right-wing political views, and as far as I’m aware did not embrace any racial theories.  Among liberals Fascism is viewed as "extreme right" but among scholars the consensus is that fascism was influenced by left and right, conservative and anti-conservative, national and supranational, rational and anti-rational, theories.

Actually the German Nazis had a great respect for the Enlightenment, the womb of modern secularism.  In one of those telling twist of history, the door of the cell in which the Nazis starved to death St Maximilian Kolbe bore the symbol of the Enlightenment, a flaming torch.  This symbol was also worn on the uniform of the SS.

Actually modern liberals quite like the holocaust; it was Hitler’s choice of victims that got him a bad press.  Had he picked on unborn children instead of Jews, liberals would have stuck a medal on him, and applauded fascism as one of the great liberating movements of history.

There are many parallels between the Nazis and modern secular liberalism

Both regard themselves as an enlightened class and thus see others as intellectually and otherwise humanly inferior, and both dismiss opposition as a sign of mental illness.

Both seek to exclude God from public life, yet I do not believe that even the Nazis went as far as arresting students for wearing crosses, as liberal have – or try to outlaw Christmas.

Both use the word “religious” as an insult to be equated with irrationality, and not to be considered on a par with “science” of which they have set themselves up as the sole interpreter.  Thus the Nazis used “science” to demonstrate that Jews were inferior, just as liberals use “science” to demonstrate that unborn children are not human.

Both prostituted the education system to produce thousands of little clones all singing from their political masters hymn sheet.  Our schools and universities are now little more than centres of liberal indoctrination.

They both buy our votes by material promises and churn out fiat-money to keep us all cheering for them; for they both know that many will sell their soul for bread.

Both are intrusive into all areas of our lives.

Both have contempt for the ethics and morally of their forefathers and the generality of ordinary people.

Both prostituted the media to promote their ideologies and dogmas, and both use the media to demonise anyone brave enough to disagree with them.  I have seen two plays churned out by the BBC portraying pro-lifer, i.e. people like my wife and I, as domestic terrorists that need closely monitoring by the security services.  Get that: they murder seven hundred innocent human beings a day by deliberately inflicting grievous bodily harm, and I pray the rosary, and I’m the dangerous one.

Both view anyone who questions its actions as being prima facia guilty of some unspecified offence, to be prosecuted for “hate crimes” and similar trumped-up charges.  Witness the group of peaceful law-abiding Christians who held up a picture of an aborted child, only to find themselves arrested on a trumped-up public order charge.

Both bar genuine Catholics from government and any position of influence.  Even now a genuine Catholic cannot be a gynaecologist, a midwife, a registrar, a B&B owner, a teacher, an EU official or run an adoption agency.  I don’t recall even the Nazis being quite that thorough.

Both sort/seek to ensure that there is no place on earth that does not conform to its minority values.  Thus Hitler forced subject states to adopt his racist policies, while Cameron threatens African states with the withdrawal of aid if they do not adopt his sodomitical agenda.  Liberals are so keen on abortion and artificial contraception that they even have an office in Siberia, a place where the human population density is about the same as the UK’s elephant population density.

Both prostitute the forces of law and order into intimidating those who oppose their agenda.  I was recently quietly praying my rosary opposite (on the other side of the road) the church in Warwick Street.  I was joined by one elderly lady, a lady in her eighties.  The Met sent two policemen to guard us.  They came not to protect us from the two hundred militant sodomites in the church, but to protect the two hundred militant sodomites from us.  Pray explain how that differs in principle from the Nazis sending a couple of their Storm Troopers round to intimidate a couple of elderly Jews praying outside one of their premises?  To up the intimidation, the Met even made sure that one of the officers was gay to the point of being a comic caricature.

Both’s incessant propaganda cast a stench over the once-Christian West, while they circle the neo-pagan sewer into which our once-high civilisation is plunging at an ever-increasing rate.

"The Devil?  Sure he is only a bit of a nuisance."

The Devil and his minions seldom manifest themselves these day.  But that is surely to be expected.  The Devil is highly intelligent.  Why would an intelligent being waste time trying to lead men into evil, when they are hell bent on doing it for themselves?

However, if you stumble on a really holy priest, you will often hear stories that have a diabolic dimension if you make the effort of enquiring.

A good priest acquaintance of mine relates the following story.  While he was living in Rome, every morning while celebrating Mass he would find himself sneezing, coughing and spluttering uncontrollerably up until the consecration, at which point the problem would abruptly go away.

He explained the problem to the elderly nun who cleaned his room.  She exclaimed that she had been finding a fine white dust on his pillow every morning and had been hovering it up.  My priest friend, moved his bed so that his pillow was at the opposite end.  Still the dust appeared on his pillow.  He tried repositioning his bed in different corners of the room.  Still the dust appeared on his pillow, and only on his pillow.

Eventually in desperation he arranged for a holy priest to exorcise his room.  The problem immediately stopped.  As I say, the Devil at worse is nothing but a bit of a nuisance.

Are Atheists Mentally Ill?

"A vast body of research, amassed over recent decades, shows that religious belief is physically and psychologically beneficial – to a remarkable degree."

Click HERE to enjoy this essay by Sean Thomas in the Telegraph

Dublin Hospital Will Refuse to Obey Irish Law Allowing Abortions


Can any one explain to me how the Irish parliament can pass a law promoting abortion when the Irish constitution bans abortion?  I'm confused.  Click on the picture below to read an encouraging stand by the Mater Hospital in Dublin.

Irish Flag



"It's not that we don't have enough scoundrels to curse; it's that we don't have enough good men to curse them." - ILN, 3/14/08

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