Le Tocsin

“The true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries nor innovators, but men of Tradition” – Pope St Pius X


February 27, 2013

Volume 1, Number 1

Le Tocsin is not for those of a nervous disposition.  Indeed, Father Flapdoodle, Sister Snakebite and Bishop Bubbles are advised to seek medical advice before reading.

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If this doesn't cheer you up, nothing will:



You couldn't make it up


While street evangelizing in Brixton (I'm the token White man ... and wrinkly) a lady asked us why John Paul II had resigned.  I suggested that it was a venerable tradition in the Catholic Church for dead popes to resign - I was clearly wasting my time.

In a delightful reversal of history, the French are coming to the aid of the Brits


The French have historically been rather better than the British when it comes to putting boots on the pavement in popular protests.  Witness the turnout of the French a few weeks ago against sodomitical "marriage".  Some estimated 500,000 – even a significant number of high-profile homosexuals joined the protest.  The press told their usual lies, pretending that the pro-sodomitical "marriage" demo a few weeks later was equally impressive, when it was barely one hundredth of the size.  My own MP informed me that he had received over 300 letters opposing it and 20 supporting it, 20!? - that just about sums up this bizarre fetish of the metropolitan elite.  François Hollande dismissed the opposition as merely "White Catholic Frenchmen", which just goes to prove, scratch any secular liberal and you will find a racial/religious bigot lurking just below the skin.

The good news is that the people who organized the last demo in Paris are organizing another one on the 24th March, but even better they want to organize a simultaneous demo in central London.  Click on the following link http://www.lamanifpourtousalondres.com/english/ for more info.  There is a link at the bottom of the page (form) that will take you to a sign up page to be kept informed.

Pass this on to all your contacts.  It would be tragic if the French turn out in greater numbers to defend children and real marriage in the centre of London than do Brits.  Cut and paste this item and forward it to all your contacts.

We CAN break free from the shackles of Brussels


After 13 years as an MEP, Daniel Hannan's knowledge of the way Brussels works is second to none.  Now he has written a forensic analysis of why it's rotten to the core.  He argues that Britain must break with Brussels if its economy is to prosper again...

Every nation joins the European Union for its own reasons. The French saw an opportunity to enlarge their gloire, the Italians were sick of a corrupt and discredited political class. 

The burghers of the Low Countries had had enough of being dragged into wars between their larger neighbours, and the former Communist states saw membership as an escape from Soviet domination.

One thing in common is that they all joined out of a sense of pessimism: that they couldn't succeed alone.  MORE

The next time you recite your Rosary, reflect that five Christians, mostly Catholics, will have died for their faith whilst you were tolling your beads


July 2012, Muslim villagers in Dahshour, Egypt, began burning Christians out of their homes because a Christian laundry operator accidentally burned a Muslim customer's shirt!

The next time you recite your Rosary, reflect that five Christians, mostly Catholics, will have died for the faith while you were tolling your beads. One Christian dies every five minutes for bearing witness to Christ. According to the club for rich atheists called the EU, approximately 105,000 a year; but given the EU would rather legislate to promote sexual pathology than Christianity, it should not surprise us if we were to find that this figure is an underestimate. The vast majority will have lost their lives at the hands of Muslim thugs and fanatics; a time bomb now also quietly ticking away in the UK.

Death of course is but the tip of the iceberg.  Hundreds of thousands of Christians suffer intimidation on a daily basis: fear, discrimination, unemployment, homelessness, bestial assaults, crippling injuries and psychological trauma, all for the love of Allah. Children, especial young girls, are at special risk of abduction, rape, forced conversion, forced marriage and sexual slavery. All par to the course for the followers of a religion founded by a man who, when he was over fifty, bedded one of his twenty plus “wives” when she was a mere nine years old, yet who had no scruples about having women flogged and stoned for adultery!

To learn more, get hold of a January 2013 copy of Christian Order (Tel 44(0)20-8144-1154 or email: enquiries@christianorder.com).  Bishop McMahon, described Christina Order as "scurrilous and very damaging to the Church" - when one of our post-Conciliar grinning Modernists insults you, you know you must be doing something right.


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40 Days for Life - Take a stand for life


While all aspects of 40 Days for Life are crucial in the effort to end abortion, the most visible component is the peaceful prayer vigil outside abortion facilities. You can help make a life-saving impact by joining a local vigil.

Sign up to participate in your local 40 Days for Life vigil by clicking the "Vigil Schedule" link at the top of their web page. To do this, please click on the vigil schedule tab below, register as a NEW USER and follow the instructions thereafter. Please only do this if you have not used their website before, otherwise your previous details will still be valid.

Be sure to sign-up for updates and prayer requests using the form at the top right of their page, and browse through the rest of this site to find out how YOU can help make a lifesaving impact as part of a local 40 Days for Life campaign.

Birmingham Pro-Life March


On Sunday March 10 there will be a March for Life in Birmingham.  A coach will be going from London.  Details should be available shortly from the 40-days for Life organization.  Click here to be kept informed

A very sobering lecture on hell


Recently, Quentin de la Bedoyere informed us via his blog that he did not believe in Hell.

I commented that, “… as Christ mentioned hell about ninety times, and Heaven only about twenty-seven times, it's such a pity you are not in a position to enlighten Our Lord with your theological insights - Is there no chance of putting Him on your blog's list of readers?.”

Quentin responded, “He is always free to join in but so far no sign.  If He did it might solve the mystery of why He never laughs or smiles. Perhaps you have some ideas”.

It’s a mystery why modernist, whose central dogma appears to be that nothing is certain, are nonetheless quite certain about irrelevancies!  The gospels are about twenty minutes reading, but Christ lived for 33 years!  I'm sure that if I spent twenty minutes reading Quentin’s blog, there may be a few important dimensions of his life, not relevant to the articles, which were omitted - he might, for example, not mention his affection for his grandchildren.  Would that justify some bright spark 2,000 years from now, demanding to know why Quentin had no relationship with his grandchildren?

Nowhere do the gospels claim to be an exhaustive biography, as far as I'm aware.  Indeed, they do not even comprehensively cover the three years of Christ's public life.

For me hell as always seemed an ontological necessity.  If man is of his nature eternal, and if man has free will, it must be possible for man to die eternally estranged from God.  Are we really comfortable with the idea that Christ welcomed Hitler into eternity with the words, “Come, ye blessed of my Father, possess you the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”?

For a very sobering treatment of the doctrine of hell, see the embedded video below:


The Pope's resignation


I'm not comfortable with the Pope's resignation. "Pope" means father, and fatherhood is not something you resign, not even in your dotage.  It also makes the papacy seem like just another job.  Nevertheless, I'm also very aware that God can bring good out of evil.

One possible good is the shelving of the wacky canonization of Paul VI and JP2.  We need to pray and fast that this becomes more than merely “a shelving”.  I’ve just thought of another “good”: Vincent won’t be able to vote – yet, on the other hand, Comic Murphy-O'Connor won’t be eighty until August, so he will be able to vote.

Corruption in the diocese of Westminster


Apart from its special Masses for militant sodomites, I'm informed that in one of the diocesan offices, one of our post-Conciliar Judases couldn't wait to tear down all the quotes and pictures of Benedict XVI, virtually slobbering at the mouth while doing so.  These were apparently removed within hours of Benedict XVI’s resignation becoming public, whilst of course he was yet still pope!

Ah well - I suppose wolves in wolves’ clothing are marginally better than wolves in sheep’s clothing; but do remember, the next time you put money in a diocesan collection plate that these are the sort of people whose wages you are helping to pay.